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10 Jun 2024 9:54 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

SAGE, the leading provider of information, marketing, and business management solutions for the promotional products industry, proudly announces the launch of its latest updates, set to revolutionize the way users design and implement their customer’s branding through the Virtual Design Studio. With a focus on versatility and innovation, these new additions empower users to push the boundaries of their imagination and inspire their customers.

The Virtual Design Studio in SAGE Total Access allows distributor users to create virtual samples for their customers using their brand colors, logo, and messaging. Additionally, distributors with a SAGE Website can offer their clients the same easy-to-use experience, enabling their website visitors to create their own virtual samples. Distributor users can also utilize the Virtual Design Studio directly on supplier websites if they have a SAGE Website or if they have the sampling tool integrated on their site. The ability to create custom virtual samples not only allows distributors to help their customer better visualize what their final product will look like, but also to inspire their customers with a visual representation of the numerous promotional opportunities available to them.

One of the most eagerly anticipated updates is the introduction of the new curved text function. Now, users can effortlessly add curved text up to a full circle, opening up a world of possibilities for creating captivating logos and custom designs.

Additionally, the Virtual Design Studio now puts the power of customization directly into the hands of its users with the ability to design their own paths for text. Whether it's following the contours of a logo or creating unique typographic compositions, the ability to apply text to freeform paths and modify their curves enables users to bring their vision to life with unparalleled precision and creativity. The option to save custom shapes for future use further streamlines the design process, ensuring efficiency and flexibility in every project.

In response to user feedback and evolving design trends, SAGE has also introduced the new brand colors feature as part of the color picker in the Virtual Design Studio. This enhancement automatically supplies the brand colors for any logo in addition to the standard color options to pick from when choosing a design color. This feature simplifies the process of matching HEX and PMS colors across products and designs, ensuring consistency and cohesion in user’s branding efforts. With an expanded palette of options at their fingertips, users can effortlessly create visually stunning designs to inspire their customers and show them exactly what their final product will look like.

"We're so excited about these new features in the Virtual Design Studio” said Eric Natinsky, Chief Executive Officer of SAGE. "Being able to add curved text, freeform text, and especially having the brand colors to pick from right in front of you when creating virtual samples for your customers makes the distributor’s job that much easier! It will definitely help create a more successful sales pitch and let end-buyers better visualize their final results.”

These features are available now through the Virtual Design Studio in SAGE Total Access and on SAGE Websites. Experience the future of design and unlock limitless creative possibilities today!

For more information on the Virtual Design Studio, visit www.sageworld.com or contact your Account Advisor.

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