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Webinar | Prospecting with Power: Unveiling the Psychology of Success

  • 16 May 2024
  • 11:30 AM
  • Online

In 'Prospecting with Power: Unveiling the Psychology of Success,' we explore how mindset, practical strategies, and wellness impact effective prospecting. Learn to overcome challenges, boost confidence, and leverage data for success. The presentation concludes with key takeaways, a Q&A, and contact information for further inquiries.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the Psychological Foundations of Prospecting
  • Enhancing Progress and Confidence in Prospecting
  • Integrating Physical Wellness into Prospecting Success
  • Cultivating Perseverance and Problem-Solving Skills 

Presenter: Jenna Quaranta (or better known as JQ to most in the industry) is the NEW Director of Sales Training for top supplier HPG Brands. JQ holds over a decade of industry experience as both a Supplier and PPD, JQ's reputation as an industry thought leader and Sales powerhouse is indisputable.

Sales is not just the act of selling for JQ, instead, her no-BS approach combined with a tactical mindset is a key component in her ability to bring value to customers and their businesses. She utilizes her knowledge as a Certified Business Coach to provide a path to success for her customers in a consultative manner.

Furthermore, as a Certified Mental Health Ambassador, JQ emphasizes that, to be a strong Professional, you must also possess a strong mind, body and discipline. JQ’s innovative approach creates a unique relationship with her customers where service is supported by the products she sells, not the other way around.

Recognized in the Top 10 by PPAI’s Online18 as one of the industry’s key influencers, many people’s first introduction to JQ is via her social media, give it a follow and you’ll see these words come to life.

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