HPPA Members

There is a PPEF Scholarship named the Ted Dennison Memorial Scholarship. This is a $1000 college scholarship that anyone in your company can apply for and must go to a HPPA member. You may qualify for a PPEF general scholarship, but you also have a second chance to be chosen for our HPPA Scholarship. If you have children college age, you know every dollar counts with the cost of education being what it is.

If you have questions. 281-238-4772 david@houstonppa.org

PPEF Scholarships: Investing In You

As students around the country begin to check their mailboxes anticipating college admission letters, parents are planning for the big transition their students will soon have to make. With college only a few months away, now is the perfect time for students to apply for a Promotional Products Education Foundation scholarship.

Since 1989, PPEF has awarded $1,700,000 in college scholarships to students. Those scholarships are used to fund dreams of all sizes for students who have a parent working in the promotional products industry or who are working for a company in the industry.