Action Needed Now


President Obama has issued an Executive Order instructing all Federal agencies and departments to limit the purchase of promotional products, particularly plaques, clothing and commemorative items.
We need you to contact the White House right now and ask President Obama to reconsider this directive. Then you need to contact your member of Congress and let him or her know that the President’s Executive Order could harm this industry and pose a threat to small businesses throughout the country. 

Do Not Put This Off—Take Action Today To Protect Our Industry


You need to communicate with both the President and your members of Congress. Because mail no longer gets through to Congressional offices in a timely fashion, it is essential that you call, email and fax your Representative and be sure to identify yourself as a constituent in the e-mail header:

1. Call the President using this phone script
2. Email the President.
3. Call your members of Congress using this call prompt and script.
4. E-mail your members of Congress.
5. Fax: Visit PPAI’s legislative software online and use the zip code search engine on the site to access your Representative’s website. You will find the fax number there.

While it might be tempting to limit the purchase of promotional products in order to yield some short-term savings, in the long term, this limitation may unintentionally diminish the good work of Federal agencies. Time and again, promotional products have proven themselves to be the most cost-effective way to reach a very targeted audience in a tangible, long-lasting and memorable manner.

Viral, mobile, highly targeted and inexpensive, promotional products are the only advertising medium capable of engaging all five senses. Many legislators don’t yet know that promotional products are the most cost-effective method for smaller businesses to market their products or services. Too few elected officials know how essential promotional products are to the marketing mix and the industry, to the national economy.

No matter what the nature of the conversation, follow up the phone call with written communication by fax or e-mail. Please share copies of your correspondence with PPAI. We would also appreciate any report on the results of your efforts.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact PPAI Public Affairs.