TMJ Enterprises | Member Spotlight

  • Sep 8, 2017

Normally, we do a spotlight on one supplier and one distributor member but this time HPPA wants to devote the entire space to a very special longtime member, Ted Dennison of TMJ Enterprises.

The TMJ website tells you that TMJ Enterprises was started over 25 years ago and is a woman owned business of promotional products. Ted and his mother, Mae Dennison, have had a strong presence in the school, hotel, and oil/gas industries along with Cities, Non-profit Organizations, and other “governmental” types of businesses.

Ted has been an active HPPA member since the early 1990’s, serving as President in 2005-2006. Ted has been the Chairman of the Tradeshow Committee nearly since the start of the Hot Stuff Show. It was Ted’s leadership that was crucial in growing the show from a modest 100 Booth Show held at the Marriott Westchase, to the 220+ Hot Stuff Expo that exists today. Ted has also been honored as a “Lifetime” Members of HPPA and in 2016 was honored by PPAI/RAC as the Volunteer of the Year in the Promotional Products Industry. Ted has served on numerous PPAI Committees during his career. This is a few of his Industry accomplishments:

2000--Currently Co-Chair Tradeshow Committee (Hot Stuff Expo)
2002--2003 Secretary/Treasurer HPPA Board
2004 Vice-President HPPA Board
2005--2006 President HPPA Board (2 terms)
2009-2011 - Regional Association Council (RAC Board Treasurer)
2011 - Distributors Committee (PPAI)
2011-2012 - Regional Association Council
2013-2016 - PPAI Volunteer Project Pool
2015--Lifetime Achievement Award (Honorary HPPA Member for Life) One of 3 honored since beginning of HPPA

He has been a leading voice in the direction and growth of HPPA especially from 2000 to present. The Hot Stuff Expo has become one of the best Regional Association shows in the country. The respect shown the suppliers/reps and distributors has made the event a must attend for many industry leaders.

During the Houston hurricane Ted was a leader in the relief efforts (along with Peter Hirsch) that resulted in providing a huge amount of basic essentials collected from the generous distributors/suppliers across the country and distributed in people in need in Houston area.

Ted Dennison has been an industry leader on a local, regional, and national scope. He has never, in my memory, said no when asked to help on any project or work group. Ted has very natural leadership skills and always brings fresh ideas to the task. Always willing to help another industry professional whether distributor/rep/supplier. Incredibly loyal to HPPA, RAC, and PPAI as exhibited by his continuous history of volunteering for whatever roll needs to be filled.

Ted’s ability to reach out to help others goes far beyond our industry. His call to service in the Houston community is just as impressive.
1) Houston Livestock & Rodeo--lifetime member and Volunteer Committee member from
1991--to present. (60--100 hours per year)
2) Chairman of neighborhood HOA Board for 12 years
3) Jacque DeMolay Scholarship Fund Director/member for 15 years
4) Advisory council for Houston Chapter Order of DeMolay (young men's organization)
5) Houston Scottish Rite Learning Center volunteer
6) Texas Scottish Rite Hospital speaker volunteer
7) Eagle Scott advisory for Boy Scouts of America

Ted is one of the best "people" I have known in my life. Loyal to his industry and friends, there is never a hesitation when there is a call for help.

For the last 10 years, Ted has been fighting a rare form of cancer. He is an inspiration to me and has made me a better person by his friendship. He never complains about what he is enduring with the cancer.

I was visiting with Ted at MD Anderson Hospital a few weeks ago. He was having some severe problems and I was very concerned. I could tell he was in a horrible pain. I was at a lost to what to say. Just then Ted reached out and patted my knee as if to comfort me and tell me it was ok. That is the kind of incredible person, Ted Dennison is. I wanted you to know a little about my friend, Ted Dennison.

PS Ted is back home, on a permanent feeding tube. His home just flooded during Harvey for a second time in 3 years. Ted & Doreen thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers.


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