Business Recovery Fund

  • Aug 29, 2017

No doubt you have seen the news coverage of the devastation already caused by Hurricane Harvey (with more to come as the rains continue). 

For some time, RAC/Regional Relations have not been actively fundraising for the BRF as its funds can only be disbursed for federally declared disasters and requests for such assistance have been few. However, we anticipate there will be numerous requests for assistance from the Business Recovery Fund in the aftermath of Harvey.

  • The Business Recovery Fund is a program administered by the Regional Association Council and BRF info is on the RAC website HERE.
  • Online donations can be made to the BRF HERE.
  • Checks (made out to PPDRF) can be sent to:

      PPDRF / Business Recovery Fund
      c/o Regional Relations
      3125 Skyway Circle N
      Irving, TX   75038-3526

  • To request assistance, go HERE.

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