Amazing Volunteers Working at the HPPA Harvey Relief Warehouse!

  • Sep 18, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Relief donations are serving MANY!! Thanks to PPAI & ASI industry members & suppliers for donating household toiletries & necessities, cleaning products, clothing, blankets, towels, toys for kids, back to school items, etc.! The response was overwhelming. Several pallets received on Wed, again Thurs and tomorrow any remaining items will be sent to FL for their relief. Thanks to all who volunteered their time off work, and personal lives to help this huge undertaking!! Special thanks to Peter and Paul and Hirsch Gifts employees for the warehouse space & forklift! Giant kudos to Kim and Patrick Reinecker, for their tireless organizing, direction, muscle, and more muscle, driving way too many miles, covering 2-3 cities each day - and an enormous amount of their time. We thank our local suppliers, distributors and friends who helped box, re-box, and then take items to the many places who needed and who asked. Texas Strong - we are a super team, but could not have done it without the local or the national support of our many suppliers across the nation!!! Below are images, load and pallets, lots of sweat, and a few tears as we made phone calls and heard more "stories." USA STRONG!


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