Why Affiliate with HPPA?

To make your company 'stand out!'

It's a competitive business environment out there.  Attracting new customers takes more than just contacting them...you need to communicate to the client that your product or service is superior to that of your competitors! Customer satisfaction is key to your relationship with them.

This is where HPPA comes in! Our membership offers you:

An arena to network with your peers and exchange ideas.

Professional Development.

Access to our Cool Stuff end buyer expo, a 'members-only' event.

Access to the annual Hot Stuff Expo.

Monthly meetings showcasing several suppliers in a mini-tradeshow format to keep you better informed on what's new. 

Receive 'THE NAVIGATOR',  a cool industry tool with hundreds of dollars worth of coupons. 

Access to the Promotional Products Coupon e-Book.  Offers coupons worth thousands of dollars in savings.

Fedex discounts.

Free access to national trade shows.

Scholarship opportunities. Four scholarships are awarded annually.

CAS/MAS certification test fee reimbursment.

Volunteer opportunities.

Social events.